Linzi became part of our pregnancy journey when i was 25 weeks pregnant. Linzi was a hugely valuable resource throughout our journey, and a confident teacher. 

Whilst the hypobirthing techniques were useful, Linzi was much more holistic than just about planning for the birth. As somewhat rabbit in the headlight new parents she was able to share a wealth of wisdom on pregnancy, guidance for navigating healthcare, tips and suggestions for birth and postnatal, even how to use a baby sling (God sent tip). Simple things like encouraging us to question when healthcare professionals didn't offer options or justifications, just told us what their plan was, Linzi instilled in us how to politely discuss options which had a positive impact on our birthing plan, we chose was was right not was easiest/default for healthcare staff.

I genuinely don't think we could have meddled through without Linzi by our side. Thank you so much for all your support and even coming to visit Lewis after he was born. 

Nicole & David


Linzi, of The Wee Birth Club, was a huge influence in me gaining a calm and confident approach to birthing our wee bambino. She was also an amazing supportive cheerleader to my husband and I as we entered into early parenthood for the first time.

We took The Complete Hypobirthing Course, over 4 weeks of 1-1 private sessions, in the comfort of our own home.

I found it really empowering. It was so informative, and interesting to learn about what goes on in your body and what it is truly capable of. My husband also found the info on hormones during labour especially interesting.

Prior to the course, we didn't know where to begin with a birthing plan, but Linzi talked us through various options to consider and guided us to reliable sources so we could make informed choices.
We discussed what we hoped and expected for the birthing environment and were surprised to find we already had a strong idea of what was important to us.

From tools to take away such as breathwork, to the continued support from Linzi - we can wholeheartedly recommend Linzi and The Wee Birth Club.

Hypnobirthing gave me huge confidence and curiosity approaching birth and I'm so grateful for the experience.

Elaine & Stephen


I actually met Linzi in my first pregnancy through local pregnancy relaxation classes she was running in her previous job role. I loved attending these classes; Linzi has such a calming nature & has a wealth of knowledge & really opened my eyes to how positive a birth experience can be. When I discovered Linzi was now running The Wee Birth Club I didn't hesitate to book 1 to 1 hypnobirthing sessions for my 2nd pregnancy. My partner and I loved these sessions - Linzi was flexible and was happy to fit around dates & times that suited us. I particularly loved the breathing exercises & relaxation techniques where I could really feel myself switching off. She is an excellent teacher and it was amazing being able to do it in the comfort of our own home. Linzi even gave me the confidence to decide on a home birth - this wasn't meant to be unfortunately but I'm so grateful for the knowledge and support she provided - particularly during difficult check ups and observations in hospital where I felt informed & in a position to make decisions best for me and my baby. We cannot recommend Linzi enough, thank you for all your help!

Gemma & Mark


We both loved the sessions! We found each class really informative and you have managed to provide us with so much more confidence for August. We feel so much more prepared, less anxious and more in control for what is to come. David feels much more equipped to deal with things now. We both love the MP3's and find them really helpful and calming,

Selina & David

Newton Mearns

The wee birth club gave us all the knowledge and information we needed to enable us to have the most positive pregnancy and birthing experience possible.
If you want to feel calm and relaxed during pregnancy and well informed about labour and birth then we would highly recommend one to one sessions with Linzi!

Laura said Andrew "actually enjoyed it, He said it was nice to be able to ask things and for someone to ask how he feels, because no one ever asks the guy!"

Laura & Andrew


We are so grateful to Linzi for the advice and support she’s given to us on our hypnobirthing course. She is so easy to talk to, a brilliant listener and utterly passionate about supporting couples in making the right decisions for them. We came to hypnobirthing after a difficult first birth experience and have left Linzi’s course feeling positive and informed. Following each session Linzi sent us fascinating links to research and support that was totally tailored to our needs. It really felt like she went the ‘extra mile’. I’ve genuinely felt on a high after each session and I have definitely been inspired to use the course MP3s regularly to relax. Linzi instantly made me feel at ease and I couldn’t recommend working with her highly enough. She is a fabulous teacher and it’s been an absolute joy to get to know her. Thank you for everything!

Mary Jo & Alan


We attended one of Linzi's hypnobirthing workshop which we would highly recommend for anyone about to give birth. Linzi made us feel so welcome and comfortable. She came across as really knowledgeable in everything that she was explaining and was able to answer all of our questions easily. We left feeling much more excited about the birth, more in control, and with so much more awareness of the choices that are actually available to us. We're definitely feeling much less anxious now, and grateful to Linzi for all of her support!

Laura & Chris


We really enjoyed the course and working with Linzi, who is a delight and could not have been more helpful! It was super informative and I definitely feel like it has shaped my attitude towards birth in a really positive way. I would certainly recommend hypnobirthing, and Linzi as an instructor, to any expectant parents.

Louisa & Nathan


Cannot recommend Linzi Glen at theweebirthclub highly enough!!!! She gave us everything we needed to know before going on our birthing Journey and she really helped us know how and when to advocate for ourselves and always know that we had options and choices that we were allowed to decided on and not be pressured or forced into anything which it definitely could have on a couple of occasions. The breathing techniques for the whole pregnancy were amazing and really made a difference to keep me calm and chilled… also now have a very chilled wee dude so looks like it may have rubbed off on him.

Michelle & Graeme